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Spurr's Big Fix™ Antiseptic Spray 16 Oz


Why We Love This

LOCALLY Made Right Here in North Alabama!
Spurr's Big Fix™ Antiseptic Spray is all natural care for wounds, skin, and hooves. Spurr's Big Fix™ is your one bottle solution to treat a variety of skin and hoof conditions including thrush, whiteline disease, hot spots, itching, ringworm, rainrot, and more. The spray formula is convenient and easier to apply than gooey ointments. Not only is it effective for general wound care but it can also be used to help heal dry, brittle, and cracked hooves. Non-drying tea tree and essential oils along with glycerin moisturize skin and hooves, reduce itching, and help promote hair regrowth. Just spray on! It couldn't be easier. This is a safe, effective topical antiseptic quickly penetrates to kill bacteria, fungus, and germs while soothing and moisturizing skin and hooves. With a fresh, clean smell and a non-staining formula this first aid tool is as pleasant to use as it is effective.

Favorite Features
  • All natural antiseptic treatment for thrush, whiteline disease, hot spots, ringworm, rainrot, general wounds, cuts, scrapes, and more.
  • Won't dry out skin.
  • Can be used to moisturize hooves and promote hoof crack healing.
  • Soothing conditioner for skin irritations due to bug bites or allergies.
Gentle enough for everyday use.

Contains: 14.33% Alcohol, 0.125% Iodine, Tea Tree Oil, Menthol, Eucalyptus Oil, Glycerine, and other Essential Oils.

Directions For Use:
Spray on cleaned and dry affected area. Repeat daily until condition clears.
Works best in dry conditions.

Safe for daily use as a preventative maintenance to condition and moisturize hooves.
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  • Manufacturer: Spur's Big Fix

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